26 September 2009

Becoming A Person

"Life, at its best, is a flowing, changing process in which nothing is fixed.

In my clients and in myself I find that when life is richest and most rewarding it is a flowing process. To experience this is both fascinating and a little frightening.

I find I am at my best when I can let the flow of my experience carry me, in a direction which appears to be forward, towards goals of which I am but dimly aware.

In this floating with the complex stream of my experiencing, and in trying to understand its ever-changing complexity, it should be evident that there are no fixed points. When I am thus able to be in process, it is clear that there can be no closed system of beliefs, no unchanging set of principles which I hold.

Life is guided by a changing understanding of the interpretation of my experience. It is always in process of becoming."
Carl Rogers
On Becoming A Person | 1961

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