24 April 2011

Your Greatness

In reviewing my journal today, I found notes about what a really special friend and mentor who generously shared his time with me (and so many other young people in the "change the world" scene at Ohio State) told me during our lunch 10 days before he passed away:

"I wouldn't put in this time 
if I didn't think you'd be something great."  

Richard Crabtree was an awesome husband and father of three beautiful girls, who was tragically killed in a car accident a year ago. Rather than mourn, let's celebrate his life by doing great things.  His passion and energy were contagious and that's exactly what he would want us to be doing.

Be great.

Keep doing great things.  
Richard is proud of you (even if he never knew you).

Who are you investing your time in to help them be and do something great?

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