15 May 2013

Overcoming My Ego + Releasing What Was

Many times I have struggled to let go of the identity that I created not only for internal reasons, but also because of ego and worry about how I will be perceived by others.  Example internal voice scenario:

I said I was X, believe X to be true, or that I was going to do X. What will happen if I do something or become someone different?

Who cares? I need to realize that situations, realities, and what is "right” can all change (and quite frequently do). With the moral courage and resolve to overcome my internal struggle and not be preoccupied by how things may or will be perceived externally I can pursue the path that makes the most sense in that moment based on the current reality.

Furthermore, I have found instances when my time being connected to a certain person, group, way of thinking, or ontological path has come to its end. It can be a painful process to let go of people, communities, ideas, or behaviors – but this is necessary at times and closing those doors allows the opening of new doors of opportunity that create the possibility for new relationships, experiences, insights, and ways of being.

Thanks to Didier Marlier of Enablers Network for inspiring this reflection through his post "The Crossing of The Threshold."


  1. Have you read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle?
    It addresses those questions (and much more) in an elegant and highly effective way :)

  2. Interestingly enough, I'm reading it right now! :-) #synchronicity Thank you.