02 September 2014

More freedom, options, and control of our $$$$$$$$

I'm very much looking forward to the positive disruption of traditional banking and financial institutions by innovations and alternatives such as Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, systemic decentralization, and many more. 

These aren't just "cool" or "hip" - they are necessary and incredibly important to empower us with options and freedom from the stranglehold of exorbitant fees, unnecessary limitations, and financial slavery that the embedded institutions are imposing on us through the current power structure and their legally granted mandate over this fundamental domain of our lives. 

Yesterday, I experienced a small yet frustrating example case when a bank transfer was delayed until Tuesday because Monday was the Labor Day holiday in the USA. There's absolutely no reason why the bank's digital systems should not be able to proceed with transferring my money except that they want to keep it in their coffers for one more day to profit from the interest. 

I encourage everyone to learn more about and support financial innovations and alternatives, such as Bitcoin, to promote the evolution of our monetary system and empower us with more freedom, options, and control of our money and financial well-being. 

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